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"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Initial Speech and Language Screenings

If you have any concerns about your child’s speech and language skills, LRST can help with a complimentary speech and language therapy consultation, available to new clients. Additionally, LRST offers speech and language screenings* to assess if your child’s speech and language development is on track.

 *Screenings are brief measures that distinguish children who are at risk for developmental delays or disorders. Screenings cannot conclude a diagnosis but can indicate whether a child may need further assessment.

Free speech and language screenings available to daycares and preschools! Email us at for more information.

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Speech and Language Evaluation

Evaluation sessions are typically between 60-90 minutes. It includes a thorough parent questionnaire, the use of standardized test(s), a language sample, and/or informal observations of interaction and play. A written report of the results, clinical impressions, and recommendations will be provided approximately two weeks after the evaluation. If therapy is recommended, the report will include a plan of care with appropriate treatment goals, which will be reviewed with you during the initial therapy session. If the assessment results do not warrant treatment, we will discuss plans for monitoring development if necessary. 

Feeding Assessment

A feeding assessment is designed to gather information about medical history, child preferences and aversions, oral motor skills, and sensory profile. For the assessment, I provide parents a list of foods and drinks to bring. I will also provide different foods to assess acceptance, tolerance, and aversions to textures, tastes, colors, etc. A written report of our findings, clinical impressions, and therapeutic recommendations will be provided to parents. If therapy is recommended, we will review the recommended treatment plan and goals during the initial therapy session. If the assessment results do not warrant treatment, we will discuss plans for monitoring development if necessary. 

Please note: an initial evaluation is required prior to starting treatment in order to collect baseline data, establish therapy goals, and track your child’s progress. However, speech and language evaluations completed by a different provider may be considered if done in the past six months.

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